Welcome to 

the WAO story.

A journey that began on the 1st of July 2015 when our founders, 
Jeri and Marlon Wambeek, officially launched WAO™. 

Our passion for empowering businesses with cloud-based solutions has led us to become an industry-leading provider of cloud-based solution implementation services, rapidly expanding our horizons and serving clients from diverse industries.   


Marlon Wambeek.

CEO & Co-Founder of the WAO Group 

As the co-founder and CEO, I bring over 23 years of managerial experience to the table, having navigated diverse professional landscapes. Beyond the boardroom, I am a proud father of seven children, and my commitment to family values is mirrored in my leadership philosophy. Embracing a traditional mindset centered on hard work, integrity, and standing up for what's right, I firmly believe in the absence of shortcuts in life. My conviction that learning is a lifelong journey aligns with our company's growth mindset. I view mistakes as stepping stones to wisdom and consider them essential for personal and professional development. Upholding the principle of equality, I lead with a humble and strong approach, embracing a servant leadership model. At our core, we strive for a company culture that embodies these principles, fostering an environment where each team member can thrive and contribute to our collective success.   


Jeri Wambeek.

CRO & Co-Founder of the WAO Group 

Jeri Wambeek is a passionate and compassionate leader in the world of business, accounting, and sale. 

As CRO, she combines her deep understanding of businesses with an entrepreneurial spirit to craft systems and processes that boost sales while also making a positive impact on employees and customers alike. With her knowledge of inventory management and supply chain excellence, Jeri makes sure every detail is accounted for when it comes to providing exemplary solutions. 

But beyond the business, Jeri is also a dedicated Christian, loving mother, budding author and philanthropist who's deeply devoted to giving back to the community whenever possible.


Meet Our 
Senior Team.

The Harmony in Our Symphony.

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Azmara Imbram. 

➔  CFO & Head of Accounting

An expert in ANZ accounting processes and cloud solutions, Azmara leads WAO’s accounting arena. 

Hidden Powers: Passionate Painter.

Neil Bayeta. 

➔   Project Success Manager

With vast experience in cloud solutions & implementations, Neil ensures the success of every project we do. 

Hidden Powers: Foodie & Home Chef.

Odessa Reyes. 

➔   Senior Solutions Architect

With a passion for educating and helping people, Odessa is highly experienced in aligning cloud solutions to best-fit businesses.

Hidden Powers: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Practitioner.   

Carl Castro. 

➔   IT & Development Manager  

IT expert with a talent for thinking of innovative solutions, Carl is relentless when it comes to bringing the best in the solutions we provide.

Hidden Powers: Adventurous​ Biker.

Tina Perera. 

➔   Remote Business Manager  

A great communicator and experienced in administration, Tina is a people person talented in steering teams towards success.

Hidden Powers: Compassionate Listener.

Join Our 

WAO Team.

At WAO™, we are on a mission to transform product-selling businesses in Australia and New Zealand with the power of Odoo.

We firmly believe that with the right knowledge and unwavering support, every business can soar to become everything they dream of – connecting their staff, customers, and suppliers seamlessly through the power of the cloud. 

As an Equal Employment Opportunity employer, we place a strong emphasis on our employees' well-being and growth. We highly value skills, expertise, and unwavering commitment, recognizing that our team members are the driving force behind our success. Our ultimate goal is to attract, develop, motivate, reward, and retain the best talent in the industry. 

Join us in this empowering journey where you will be encouraged to think innovatively, embrace challenges, and contribute to the transformation of businesses worldwide.

At WAO™, your aspirations will be nurtured, your potential will be unleashed, and together, we will create a future where businesses thrive in the cloud-connected world. Be a part of our dynamic team and let's embark on an exciting adventure of growth and success. 

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